Now as Marnie has our wedding planned out, I figured it was upon me to share some of the interesting tidbits that led us to the point of matrimony. And as such, the first topic we’ll discuss – our very first song. So before we continue, I ask you this – how many of you even remember where www.nevergetoveryou is even from? And no, that isn’t a typo.

One? Two? That’s okay. It’s actually the title of our “first song.”

Simon & Milo - Prozzäk

Simon & Milo – Prozzäk

You see, Marnie and I met online before meeting people online was cool. Back then we didn’t have Facebook, nor Twitter.

But we did have instant messaging.

In fact, with Marnie in Penticton the first year we began dating, ICQ was our main means of staying in touch. So when Prozzäk came out with www.nevergotoveryou, it seemed like the perfect choice.

Now will you see this song at our reception? Maybe, maybe not. About the only thing I’m sure of is that it won’t be the first song we dance to. But what I’m curious about is what your “first song?” Does it have meaning? Is there a story behind it? Or was did it just happen to be playing on the radio when you met your significant other?

400 Days To Go!

Well as per The Knot.com we only have 400 days to go before the big day!

400 Days

As of Sunday, I will be on vacation for 3 weeks, so hoping to get a bunch of research done during that time!  I will be in England for 2 weeks of that time mostly at my Grandma’s house, and she does not have an internet connection, so I’m trying to figure out how I will deal with that, since I’ve basically spent every free moment since we decided on a date looking up wedding ideas online.  Looking into getting a temporary wifi connection while there to keep my latest addiction going!



Marnie’s First Post – Wedding Visions

I guess I should probably try to figure this out, since I am the one who already has the entire wedding day planned out in my head!  Maybe this will help me get all my ideas down into words so that Chris can start to visualize what I see happening on that day.  And if our visions of the day are miles apart then we can start to work on blending our visions so that we are both happy!  Yes of course I am a woman who has been visualizing my wedding day since a young age, I was after all a bride for Halloween one year (maybe about 7 years of age?) , and I’m doubtful that Chris has thought about it nearly as much as I have.  I have now had almost 4 years of actually thinking about it as an actual event since Chris proposed on March 14, 2009.

At first we were planning a wedding in the Richmond/Vancouver area, with the ceremony at the Minoru Chapel in Richmond, and an undecided location for the reception.  Then over the last 3 years we’ve made an annual trip to Maui and have fallen in love with the place, and so our vision changed and we have now decided on Maui on March 14, 2014 – 5 years to the day of our engagement as the time and place for our big day!


I’ve had to make some changes from my original vision and transplant it into a tropical setting.  Things I never thought I’d go for at my wedding are now OK – such as allowing Chris to wear a Hawaiian shirt and possibly shorts (still thinking about this!) to our ceremony.  After all he is pretty susceptible to heat stroke and I don’t want my groom to be grumpy, or to pass out during the ceremony, or to be sweating profusely in all our photos!  Me on the other hand was worried about wearing the kind of gown I wanted in Vancouver, as I am always freezing cold (yes sometimes even in the summer), so now in the heat I don’t have to worry about freezing if I decide on a strapless gown!

My colour scheme has just undergone a change too.  I always envisioned my wedding as being red and white, but I was having trouble finding the tropical flowers I want in my bouquet in red, and red just didn’t really seem to fit with the tropical destination – so now am thinking of going for a bright pink and white.  I know I want a bright colour in my bouquet for that striking contrast from a white dress.  I know Chris doesn’t mind wearing bright colours, including pink, so I don’t think he’ll care.

pink and white tropical flowers

For the ceremony I like the idea of a beach wedding, but I have never enjoyed being dirty, so the thought of being covered in sand all day doesn’t really appeal to me.  So I’m trying to find a location that is on the water and has a beach in the background, but has a nice green grassy area where we can actually have the ceremony.  My first thought was Maluaka Beach Park, it looks like a beautiful spot, but it is a public park, so while it would be cheap (likely under $50 to the State of Hawaii for an event licence), we would risk other weddings being there at the same time and fighting over locations, and random people walking around and getting in the way of pictures.    There are some fabulous private estates on Maui that rent out for weddings and of course so many gorgeous resorts, so those options are definitely in the mix.  I still haven’t ruled out the public beach though, as to have it in a private estate or at a resort starts getting pretty pricey, so we’ll  have to see how things work out with the budget!  And if we do the public beach, we still have to find somewhere to have the reception, whereas an estate or resort we can have the reception right there.

The first order of business will be to hire a wedding planner – being so far away, a wedding planner is basically a necessity, and it will make life so much easier, plus they will know the best places, vendors, etc. to make my dreams a reality.  I’ve done some research and have a list of ones that seem like they have good reviews.  Next step will be to actually call these people up and have a chat with them to make sure our personalities mesh reasonably well and make sure they seem to understand my vision.  I don’t want to end up with a wedding planner that can’t make my vision come to life, or that I dislike.

Well I guess this has become a pretty long post, so I will sign off for now.  I hope you’ll keep checking back and follow our progress as we navigate the adventures of planning a destination wedding.  If you have any ideas or words of wisdom please let us know.  I may not  use them, but ideas and advice are always welcome!