One Year To Go!

1 year


Well it’s officially one year to the day till our wedding!  At this time next year we’ll be almost ready to exchange our vows (Maui is 3 hours behind the west coast and I am planning on having the ceremony shortly before sunset).  I can’t wait!  It seems so far away, and yet I’m sure it will be here in what seems like no time!

Tomorrow (weather permitting) we will be having engagement photos taken.  I’m nervous about it, never really had professional pictures taken, other than those horrible school photos, where you’ve basically got one shot to get it right, and if it wasn’t good you didn’t find out till you got the pictures back in print anyways as that was in the days before digital cameras (yes I know I’m dating myself).  I’m sure we’ll be fine, as we have a fantastic photographer, Laura Stapleton at Magnolia Photographic!  Stay tuned, I’m sure we’ll post some once we get them!

Then on Saturday, hopefully we will finally get together with both sets of parents and really start to get some details and decisions sorted out.  So hopefully the ball will be really starting to roll soon, and then I’ll have more to post about!


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