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For those of us who live in Canada, we’re all quite aware of the crazy costs of taking our phones across the border into the US of A. Some of us turn the phone off and try to forget it exists for the duration of our trip, while others (like my family) pick up a “pay-as-you-go” phone with an American provider to remain somewhat connected.

Seeing as saving you money increases the odds of you making the trip over to Maui for our wedding, I wanted to introduce you to another option available to us now – Roam Mobility!

Plans with Roam start at $2.95/day and provide you not only an American number, but unlimited talk and text within the US and back to Canada AND voicemail and caller ID. And if you’re the type to use a data connection (like me!), just $1 more gets you 100MB of data.

So how does it work?

Have An Unlocked Phone?

SIM Card

SIM Card – Roam Mobility

You’re in luck – you just need to pick-up a SIM card($19.95)! If you’re unsure if the phone you have is unlocked, you’ll need to make a quick phone call to your provider. You should also give Roam a call too to make sure your device is fully compatible with their network.

Need A Phone?

Breeze FB101

Breeze FB101 – Roam Mobility

You’re still in luck – Roam will sell you a Breeze Phone(SIM card included) for $49.95. Doing the quick math, that’s only $30 for an unlocked Dual-SIM, GSM Quad-Band phone with a 1.3 MP Camera.

Looking To Surf?

While WiFi is available in most hotels/condos (and at every Starbucks in town), maybe you want to live-stream our ceremony and reception or something. This is where the Liberty Hotspotwill help you out. The device is $129.95 and data only rates start at 6 cents per megabyte.

Picking up any of the above options is pretty simple – you can get free shipping direct from Roam by ordering from their website, or by going in to one of their many dealers.

So.. have any of you used Roam? Any thoughts you could share on the quality of service? Or are any of you going to give them a look? We’d love to hear from you so we can in turn share your comments with our guests!

Disclosure: Roam has kindly offered an early wedding gift to Marnie and I by covering each of our plans while we’re in Maui. This was regardless of whether or not this post went live. Just wanting to keep everything on the up and up.

4 thoughts on “Making the Trip to Maui – Roam Mobility

    • Thanks for stopping by Geri! Yeah, with Roam we’d be provided a US number, but I’m thinking that minor issue is still outweighed by the savings we’d get with them!

  1. I unlocked my back up phone by Googling my phone manufacturer, style, and unlock…cost me $8 for the code and was easy peasy to do…Youtube video instructions even…and used Roam through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. Service is good, reliable, cheap, and flexible. Highly recommend it. Now we always have a phone when traveling in the US, because you can choose how many days you want service for and it will not work outside of the US, so never have to worry about roaming charges.

    • Thanks for bringing the comment over here from Facebook Linda! I already have an unlocked Galaxy S2, and while it will work for talk and text while we’re in Maui, the data speeds would only be EDGE/2G from what I’m told.

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