Dress Success!

We are now just under 8 months away from the big day, so with that in mind one of the biggest decisions for me needs to be made relatively soon.  THE DRESS!

On Saturday I went out with my entourage (my Mom, Chris’s Mom, and Chris’s Sister who is my maid of honour).  We did quite the tour of the lower mainland, chasing different bridal gown designers.  Our first stop was the Bridal Gallery in New Westminster, I found a dress there that was beautiful, but the store is higher end, and we found them to be pretty snobby.  Next we were on our way out to Abbotsford to Champagne and Lace.  The experience there was so much better, the consultant was so knowledgeable and knew exactly what would look good on me.  We found a dress there that is pretty much exactly what I had in mind and it is absolutely stunning on me (if I do say so myself, though I think my entourage agreed as there were a few tears shed, and the woman trying dresses on next to me decided to try that dress on after seeing me in it, so I’d say that is a good indication it was a hit!)!  Though it was a little more expensive than I had in mind…  Next we were off to David’s Bridal in Langley, I had one dress in mind there that I found online fairly soon after I began looking after we’d picked the wedding date, and I keep coming back to it.  It is actually quite similar to the one we liked from Champagne & Lace (with a lower price tag, but probably a little lower in quality because of the price difference).  The experience at David’s Bridal was OK, but nothing like the service out at Champagne & Lace!  By the end I was getting pretty tired, I’m guessing I tried on at least 5 dresses at each bridal salon, probably more, and getting in and out of those dresses is not easy, especially on an already hot day!  Even though I’m not going for something too huge and bulky, since we’ll be in a hot location for the ceremony, they are still big and heavy!

The next step is looking into getting a similar dress made for me, my Mom knows a lady who makes wedding dresses, so we shall see what kind of a price it would be for her to make something similar for me.  Then make a decision whether to have it made or buy it from one of the bridal salons (and whether to pay more for quality and great service, or pay less and go easy on the budget).   Sorry no pictures with this post, as some things need to remain a surprise!