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Since it’s been well over a month since Marnie last blogged (and even longer for me), you’d probably think we’re well along with the planning of our upcoming wedding. I mean, it’s just over six months away right? Well… probably not as much as you think.

Wedding Invitations - courtesy of Lane Love Design

Wedding Invitations – courtesy of Lane Love Design

We’re currently debating the type of proper wedding invitations to send out and are at somewhat of a standstill. Do we get some professionally done? Do we do them ourselves? Do we pay someone to create a template like the one in the image above and then print them out ourselves? It’s rather difficult to figure this all out when Marnie and I have different thoughts on the matter. And then we take into consideration the benefit of doing it all online… is just a mailed “Save The Date” sufficient (that might just be me thinking that one)? Any of you fabulous readers have an answer to all of the above?

And then from a planning perspective, what else should we have sorted out. Thankfully our wedding planner Lori has us moving along, but I have to admit I haven’t a foggiest of what my responsibilities as groom happen to be. I mean, I know I have to show up at the wedding on time. And I probably won’t be able to wear just the Speedo I keep telling Marnie I’m wearing, but what else is there? Like is there still a need for a rehearsal dinner? Do people do rehearsal dinners for destination weddings?

Rings. I guess we have to talk about rings, right? I’m sure Marnie has some idea of what she wants, and I guess I have some thought on what I want as well – found one on Etsy just last night – but what’s the protocol here?

It’s all quite the struggle. So being the social guy I am, I figured every one of you could help us along the way. Who’s got the experience? Who can provide us some pointers?

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  1. I’ve had to coordinate several weddings and a couple of things you may want to consider:

    1. Although you have a wedding planner, have at least two point people (preferably one from each side of the family) that know your wedding timeline/choices inside and out. That way if something comes up, instead of going through multiple family members for a decision, you have 3 capable people of making the final call.

    2. Make a photograph list and have your original point people let the guests know the order. It saves time and ensures all your guests are able to get a picture with you.

    *Sometimes it’s nice to see the candid shots your guests are taking and a great website where they can upload them to: — you’ll be amazed at what’s captured!

    3. Music and the DJ – if you want specific songs, let him/her know well in advance and review the playlist

    4. Lists, lists, lists! Make them! From packing, to your attire for each day & any accessories you may need and split them up so it’s a matter of grab and go vs stress and sort through chaos

    5. Since it’s probably going to be really hot, consider water bottles at the ceremony for guests who may have a bit of a wait before your arrival. It prevents fainting (yes, I’ve seen it happen.)

    6. If you’re going to create your invitations, Michaels is a great stop for ideas and you may want to try having an invitation making party. A few snacks, great friends, and a lot of fun! As for save the dates, a lot of couples are setting up websites and sending formal invites later. A cute idea is to have a picture like: on the main page and build from there.

    Okay, time to end this essay but I hope that helps a little! The biggest thing to remember is on the day of: relax, smile, and enjoy every minute!

    • Wow Salma, you really were putting together an essay. Have you ever thought of getting into the wedding planning business? Just saying!

      We’ve actually already mailed out save the dates and then are using this website just to stay in touch with everyone. We’ve also not ruled out the eRSVP option, but did want to send formal invitations regardless.

  2. Invitations:
    This really depends on what you want! A professional designer will sit down with you both to find out your story, what makes you tick as a couple, etc. and offer some concepts based around that.

    If you want something pretty, but not necessarily full concept + design, there are letterpress print shops you could talk to as well.

    If you just want something simple, there are definitely print shops that will offer templates.

    If you want something simple and cost-effective to print at home, I am sure there are resources for downloading templates as well.

    Doing all of this via email is of course, also a great option provided all your loved ones have email addresses and check them regularly! Whichever option you go with, I’m sure your wedding planner could point you in the right direction.

    Your wedding planner should be able to answer your questions regarding rehearsals. Rings are usually a couple’s joint decision and shopping experience. Drill your wedding planner for as many answers as possible! She’s here to help you. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Kelly!

      I think we’ve been drilling our wedding planner with questions to the point of insanity, but I figured with everyone out there in the twitterverse (and beyond), we could crowdsource even more ideas.

  3. Chris and I bought our invitations from Michaels and printed them at home. This is by far the cheapest way to do things but it was a bit of a pain in the ass… make sure you can set your printer to print on the thick invitation paper! I recommend drinking while doing it lol. We were all about budget so didn’t even look at other ways to do it. We also had a website so didn’t need to do the save the date cards (also a money saver) and we had people rsvp that way – it was waayyy easier and saves money on stamps! Anyone we thought that wouldn’t be computer savvy we sent a traditional rsvp card.
    I’ve been in the wedding party for a destination wedding and we didn’t do a rehearsal dinner, just a quick walk through so we knew sort of where to go the day of. It totally depends on how casual you want to be… you’re the boss! It probably depends a bit on the resort as well and how many people you can get in one restaurant at a time…
    All I can say about being the groom is don’t forget to give the ring to your best man! And delegate!! Don’t be stressing about stuff on your wedding day – ask my Chris about that lol.
    We went and picked our wedding rings out together at Spence one day… again I think you can do whatever you want! We did anyways lol.
    You’re super smart to have a wedding planner… I wish we had gotten one… we did it all ourselves and took on a bit more stress than we probably should of… it all worked out though because we had open bar – after a couple drinks nothing matters anymore! lol
    Good luck with the planning guys!!! 🙂 🙂

    • My problem is that I want to do things on a budget – I mean, it’s only money – but also want the epic stuff. I’m actually really fond of the chalkboard invites that I included here, but it does require one to print them and well… not sure I’m game to do that.

      Resort? What resort?! 😉 We’re actually holding our wedding at a private estate and having a catered reception there after. Not sure if we even have access before our date.

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