The Wedding Playlist

While I’m still surprised that Marnie has given me full editorial control over our wedding playlist, I’m obviously not going to pass up the chance to get the place rocking with some wicked tunes on my good ol’ iPod. And while we will have the talented Jamie Lawrence perform for a portion, I still get a say.

Wedding DJ Setup

Courtesy of Ferenc Szutor

So what’s the issue? Well my problem, or quite possibly your problem, is my diverse musical tastes can be an issue. Simply put, I have some serious musical A.D.D. combined with a horrible penchant for the silly.

Now, I know I’m probably safe to include “Maunaleo” and “Better Together” – especially considering their Hawaiian theme:

But you know how I get. I’ll also want to include a little something from the Top Gun OST:

And there’s always a chance of Nickelback (that’s right, I like Nickelback):

And what wedding isn’t complete without a little Ylvis (right Nicole?):

So now that you see what we’re all dealing with, it’s time to help me out. In the comments below, provide me a list of songs (with artists as necessary) that you feel will take this wedding to the next level. That’s right, the wedding playlist is in your hands! Do it for the sake of my guests. And for my pending marriage!

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