Maui Revealed – Haleakala

In the three trips that Marnie and I have made to Maui together, we’ve never gone up to the top of Haleakala. We plan on remedying this in March.

Sunrise on Haleakala

Sunrise on Haleakala – courtesy of Miss604

Standing at just over 10000 feet above sea level, Haleakala towers over the Valley Isle. And having such a height advantage, those who make the trip up to the top are treated to some fantastic sunrises (and sunsets on a good day)! In fact, if the skies are clear you’ll have a great vantage point to see five other Hawaiian islands.

While not entirely tough, getting up to the summit is not the easiest of tasks. With no public transportation, most people tend to get up early and drive up to the summit by car. This route isn’t too challenging as the highway to the top is paved, though you will find a number of switchbacks. Oh… and cattle apparently. Watch out for the cows.

Another option is to book one of the many tours that head up for sunrise. Sure you’ll spend a few bucks to do so, but most tour outfits will pick you up at your condo/hotel and also usually provide a continental breakfast. And for those looking for an exciting way to get back down, some tours provide bikes – you just pedal once or twice and then coast all the way down. That’s right… all the way down.

If you’re interested in going up to the top, let us know as we plan on going up ourselves and it would be cool to share the experience with you! And don’t sweat the volcano part – the last time Haleakala “belched” was approximately 1790. We should be good.

This post is part of our Maui Revealed series to help our wedding guests and others explore the island. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

Maui Revealed

When Marnie and I travel to Maui for our wedding, I will be on journey number four to the Valley Isle, while Marnie will be on her fifth. You would think we’ve got the island memorized by now. There’s just so much to do and see that it’s really hard to get everything done without a little planning.

So that’s where a solid guidebook can come into play.

WestJet Winglet

Sky-high with WestJet – courtesy of Miss604

Looking for a guidebook to help us out, I settled on Maui Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook.

Sure it claims to be the “ultimate” guidebook, which the skeptic in me scoffed at. Yet, it’s by far one of the best Maui guidebooks on Amazon (solid ratings), and the series itself gets accolades across the board.

Written in plain English and in a humourous tone, you get insight on what you can do while on the island, whether it be an adventurous hike through the West Maui mountains or a relaxing nap on the beaches in Makenna. You also get tips on what restaurants are good for your budget, tips on how to stay safe while visiting, and all around ways to save a few bucks where possible. How much more could you want?

The one thing I do recommend you keeping in mind is that anytime the books talks about a beach being a hidden gem or secluded, thousands of copies have sold so there’s a good chance the hidden gem is not so hidden anymore. That all said, in our experience you’re still led to the best of the best if you use it as a guide.

To further help you out, I’ll look to post a couple of activity ideas over the next couple of weeks for those so interested. Or better yet, if there’s an activity you’re interested in doing or quite possibly wanting to share with others, please leave a comment!

Maui Revealed Series

  • Haleakala – climb this dormant shield volcano on Maui to play with the Gods.

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The Final Stretch – One Month To Go!

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love.  For Chris and I, Valentine’s Day has never been a big deal, we don’t spend excessive amounts of money on gifts or eating out.  For us the biggest significance of Valentine’s Day is that it is “Chris’ Birthday Eve” as he likes to call it!  This year (and I guess for the rest of our lives too), our day to celebrate our love will happen exactly in one month!  The final countdown is on to our wedding day!


We’ve now been planning this wedding for more than a year (the first post on this blog was on January 27, 2013), and this time last year I was busy researching wedding planners and trying to figure out what I wanted.  Now all the big decisions have been made, we’re down to making decisions about the small details (but boy are there a lot of small details to figure out!).  The excitement (and stress) are growing stronger every day!  I’ve only got two weeks left of work before I’m on vacation for a month, and three weeks until we leave for Maui!  Despite having more than a year to plan for this, I still seem to have a do-to list a mile long to get through in the next month!

We are so happy that 34 of our family and friends will be joining us in our favourite vacation spot to celebrate our love.  We can’t wait to see you all and spend time with you while enjoying the sun and beauty of Maui!  And I can’t wait to marry my Valentine!!

Six Weeks to Go!

That’s right. In six weeks time, Marnie and I will be officially married.

Molokini Crater in the Distance

Molokini Crater from Makena – courtesy of Rosa Say

Crazy, right?

We’re still working out some of the details for the wedding itself with our wedding planner Lori, but things are pretty much together for the entire event. Our guest list has now firmed up, everyone has flights booked, and most have found a place to stay.

Now we’re just in the middle of firming up the catering, logistics like transportation (we’ll likely have a shuttle bus arranged to get to and from the venue), and all those other loose ends that need to be tended to.

In the words of the great George Peppard, “I love it when a plan comes together” (cheesy A-Team reference, I know).

Boy is it getting exciting!