The Final Stretch – One Month To Go!

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love.  For Chris and I, Valentine’s Day has never been a big deal, we don’t spend excessive amounts of money on gifts or eating out.  For us the biggest significance of Valentine’s Day is that it is “Chris’ Birthday Eve” as he likes to call it!  This year (and I guess for the rest of our lives too), our day to celebrate our love will happen exactly in one month!  The final countdown is on to our wedding day!


We’ve now been planning this wedding for more than a year (the first post on this blog was on January 27, 2013), and this time last year I was busy researching wedding planners and trying to figure out what I wanted.  Now all the big decisions have been made, we’re down to making decisions about the small details (but boy are there a lot of small details to figure out!).  The excitement (and stress) are growing stronger every day!  I’ve only got two weeks left of work before I’m on vacation for a month, and three weeks until we leave for Maui!  Despite having more than a year to plan for this, I still seem to have a do-to list a mile long to get through in the next month!

We are so happy that 34 of our family and friends will be joining us in our favourite vacation spot to celebrate our love.  We can’t wait to see you all and spend time with you while enjoying the sun and beauty of Maui!  And I can’t wait to marry my Valentine!!

2 thoughts on “The Final Stretch – One Month To Go!

    • Thanks Gladys! At one point we actually expected to see even more there – guess that’s what happens when you plan a wedding near Spring Break.

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