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When Marnie and I travel to Maui for our wedding, I will be on journey number four to the Valley Isle, while Marnie will be on her fifth. You would think we’ve got the island memorized by now. There’s just so much to do and see that it’s really hard to get everything done without a little planning.

So that’s where a solid guidebook can come into play.

WestJet Winglet

Sky-high with WestJet – courtesy of Miss604

Looking for a guidebook to help us out, I settled on Maui Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook.

Sure it claims to be the “ultimate” guidebook, which the skeptic in me scoffed at. Yet, it’s by far one of the best Maui guidebooks on Amazon (solid ratings), and the series itself gets accolades across the board.

Written in plain English and in a humourous tone, you get insight on what you can do while on the island, whether it be an adventurous hike through the West Maui mountains or a relaxing nap on the beaches in Makenna. You also get tips on what restaurants are good for your budget, tips on how to stay safe while visiting, and all around ways to save a few bucks where possible. How much more could you want?

The one thing I do recommend you keeping in mind is that anytime the books talks about a beach being a hidden gem or secluded, thousands of copies have sold so there’s a good chance the hidden gem is not so hidden anymore. That all said, in our experience you’re still led to the best of the best if you use it as a guide.

To further help you out, I’ll look to post a couple of activity ideas over the next couple of weeks for those so interested. Or better yet, if there’s an activity you’re interested in doing or quite possibly wanting to share with others, please leave a comment!

Maui Revealed Series

  • Haleakala – climb this dormant shield volcano on Maui to play with the Gods.

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