Maui Bound

Finally, Chris and Marnie have returned to… Maui!

Well not quite, I’m actually typing this from 30000 to 40000 feet or so. And with us in the final hour of our journey to the valley isle, I thought I would use the time wisely to provide a “pre-Day 1” update.

Liam at YVR

Liam is excited to fly!

You can imagine our day was a frenetic one where we found ourselves tying up loose ends, making sure we had everything we needed packed, and had everything around the condo tended to. Even the cat knew something was up.

With everything needing doing, we ended up leaving our house an hour later than intended which doesn’t jive with slightly OCD me. While it’s obvious we made it on the plane, the time leading up to us checking our bags, getting through security and US customs pre-clearance and then to our gate had me a wee bit agitated. Fortunately Marnie is used to this by now. Suffice to say we’ve learned to work with our unique quirks.

Looking to provide ourselves something of a treat on our flight, Marnie and I decided we would try the Plus seating upgrade on WestJet which only cost $45 each at time of check-in – considerably cheaper than booking it upfront. Now before you go and roll your eyes that we spent extra cash, the additional leg room is more than worth it. And to top it off, we also received complimentary snacks, beverage (beer or spirits if we so desired) and complimentary use of the TrayVu tablet (our plane didn’t have back of seat displays). If you’re every curious on whether you should try the upgrade, I definitely feel its worth it for a longer trip.

Update: We have landed and gotten a solid night of sleep in. You can’t begin to understand how excited we are.

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