Maui Revealed

When Marnie and I travel to Maui for our wedding, I will be on journey number four to the Valley Isle, while Marnie will be on her fifth. You would think we’ve got the island memorized by now. There’s just so much to do and see that it’s really hard to get everything done without a little planning.

So that’s where a solid guidebook can come into play.

WestJet Winglet

Sky-high with WestJet – courtesy of Miss604

Looking for a guidebook to help us out, I settled on Maui Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook.

Sure it claims to be the “ultimate” guidebook, which the skeptic in me scoffed at. Yet, it’s by far one of the best Maui guidebooks on Amazon (solid ratings), and the series itself gets accolades across the board.

Written in plain English and in a humourous tone, you get insight on what you can do while on the island, whether it be an adventurous hike through the West Maui mountains or a relaxing nap on the beaches in Makenna. You also get tips on what restaurants are good for your budget, tips on how to stay safe while visiting, and all around ways to save a few bucks where possible. How much more could you want?

The one thing I do recommend you keeping in mind is that anytime the books talks about a beach being a hidden gem or secluded, thousands of copies have sold so there’s a good chance the hidden gem is not so hidden anymore. That all said, in our experience you’re still led to the best of the best if you use it as a guide.

To further help you out, I’ll look to post a couple of activity ideas over the next couple of weeks for those so interested. Or better yet, if there’s an activity you’re interested in doing or quite possibly wanting to share with others, please leave a comment!

Maui Revealed Series

  • Haleakala – climb this dormant shield volcano on Maui to play with the Gods.

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The Final Stretch – One Month To Go!

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love.  For Chris and I, Valentine’s Day has never been a big deal, we don’t spend excessive amounts of money on gifts or eating out.  For us the biggest significance of Valentine’s Day is that it is “Chris’ Birthday Eve” as he likes to call it!  This year (and I guess for the rest of our lives too), our day to celebrate our love will happen exactly in one month!  The final countdown is on to our wedding day!


We’ve now been planning this wedding for more than a year (the first post on this blog was on January 27, 2013), and this time last year I was busy researching wedding planners and trying to figure out what I wanted.  Now all the big decisions have been made, we’re down to making decisions about the small details (but boy are there a lot of small details to figure out!).  The excitement (and stress) are growing stronger every day!  I’ve only got two weeks left of work before I’m on vacation for a month, and three weeks until we leave for Maui!  Despite having more than a year to plan for this, I still seem to have a do-to list a mile long to get through in the next month!

We are so happy that 34 of our family and friends will be joining us in our favourite vacation spot to celebrate our love.  We can’t wait to see you all and spend time with you while enjoying the sun and beauty of Maui!  And I can’t wait to marry my Valentine!!

Six Weeks to Go!

That’s right. In six weeks time, Marnie and I will be officially married.

Molokini Crater in the Distance

Molokini Crater from Makena – courtesy of Rosa Say

Crazy, right?

We’re still working out some of the details for the wedding itself with our wedding planner Lori, but things are pretty much together for the entire event. Our guest list has now firmed up, everyone has flights booked, and most have found a place to stay.

Now we’re just in the middle of firming up the catering, logistics like transportation (we’ll likely have a shuttle bus arranged to get to and from the venue), and all those other loose ends that need to be tended to.

In the words of the great George Peppard, “I love it when a plan comes together” (cheesy A-Team reference, I know).

Boy is it getting exciting!

The Wedding Playlist

While I’m still surprised that Marnie has given me full editorial control over our wedding playlist, I’m obviously not going to pass up the chance to get the place rocking with some wicked tunes on my good ol’ iPod. And while we will have the talented Jamie Lawrence perform for a portion, I still get a say.

Wedding DJ Setup

Courtesy of Ferenc Szutor

So what’s the issue? Well my problem, or quite possibly your problem, is my diverse musical tastes can be an issue. Simply put, I have some serious musical A.D.D. combined with a horrible penchant for the silly.

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The Homestretch

It’s hard to imagine that we’re less than two and a half months away from our wedding. I swear it was only a few weeks ago that we had sent our save the dates and here we are in January getting in our last few RSVPs from the invitations we sent out a couple of months back. Crazy.

Suffice to say, Marnie and I are getting more and more excited as the big day approaches. Sure it does feel that we’re getting behind the eight ball and not as organized as we’d like to be, but maybe we’re actually doing well and are just suffering from the usual stresses that come along with planning a destination wedding – neither of us have experience in this matter. 🙂

Anywho, as I’m keen on sharing our wedding through the power of social media (and possibly even streaming the ceremony – fingers crossed), we’ve created a Google+ event to help bring those who are making the trip together with those who are not. If you’re interested in an invite, just shoot us a line via the contact page – we’d be happy to have you involved!

150 Days To Go!

Well, just received my monthly countdown email from the reminding me that our wedding is only 5 months away, and that we’re overdue on many items in my to-do list!  Do they really think I don’t know my wedding is only 5 months away!  And I don’t feel we’re that behind on the to-do list, though I must admit seeing that email this morning did send me into a bit of a panic momentarily.  I think that stems from how quickly the summer months flew by, and we’re now already mid October, so I’m realizing that March will be here in no time!  But seeing as it is a destination wedding, many of the items they have on the standard to-do lists don’t seem to apply to us anyways, plus that’s what our wedding planner is there for!

While we haven’t really done much of anything since my last post, almost 3 months ago, most of the major decisions had already been made.  The most significant development since then are that the dress has been settled (I’m having it made, and the dressmaker should start making it in the very near future).  The florist has also been picked and the floral designs have basically been decided on, though I think I need to stop searching online for new options, as I continually find new ideas, and the more things I find that I like, the harder it is for me to make a decision!  I had to get over my disappointment that the pink and white plumeria flowers I had so wanted to use, are not in season in March, so therefor are not an option.  And I’ve decided that I’d like to see most of the wedding party, and families wear leis since we’ll be in Hawaii.  However, I cannot get Chris to give me a serious answer about what style of lei he would like for himself.  See the post Lei’d on a Plane, to see what I mean, apparently Lei’d jokes never get old for Chris!  And after several months of saying “we really should think about getting invitations”, we’re finally really getting serious about getting it done.

My temporary panic today did lead me to send a friendly reminder out to the wedding planner asking to see the quotes from our shortlisted catering options which she’s been promising for months…  Though it’s partly my fault, she did get quotes which I’ve seen, but they were for plated service, I’d sent what I wanted, but failed to mention I wanted buffet style, so now I’m waiting on the revised quote for the different style of service.  I would really like to get the caterer decided on and the menu pretty well set, seeing as it is a significant portion of the overall budget.

Well I guess I’ll wrap this up…it’s already after midnight, so technically my title is now out of date!  I’m leaving it though, it was true when I started typing, and “150 days to go” sounds better than “149 days to go”…



Invitations, Planning and Other Such Stuff

Since it’s been well over a month since Marnie last blogged (and even longer for me), you’d probably think we’re well along with the planning of our upcoming wedding. I mean, it’s just over six months away right? Well… probably not as much as you think.

Wedding Invitations - courtesy of Lane Love Design

Wedding Invitations – courtesy of Lane Love Design

We’re currently debating the type of proper wedding invitations to send out and are at somewhat of a standstill. Do we get some professionally done? Do we do them ourselves? Do we pay someone to create a template like the one in the image above and then print them out ourselves? It’s rather difficult to figure this all out when Marnie and I have different thoughts on the matter. And then we take into consideration the benefit of doing it all online… is just a mailed “Save The Date” sufficient (that might just be me thinking that one)? Any of you fabulous readers have an answer to all of the above?

And then from a planning perspective, what else should we have sorted out. Thankfully our wedding planner Lori has us moving along, but I have to admit I haven’t a foggiest of what my responsibilities as groom happen to be. I mean, I know I have to show up at the wedding on time. And I probably won’t be able to wear just the Speedo I keep telling Marnie I’m wearing, but what else is there? Like is there still a need for a rehearsal dinner? Do people do rehearsal dinners for destination weddings?

Rings. I guess we have to talk about rings, right? I’m sure Marnie has some idea of what she wants, and I guess I have some thought on what I want as well – found one on Etsy just last night – but what’s the protocol here?

It’s all quite the struggle. So being the social guy I am, I figured every one of you could help us along the way. Who’s got the experience? Who can provide us some pointers?

Dress Success!

We are now just under 8 months away from the big day, so with that in mind one of the biggest decisions for me needs to be made relatively soon.  THE DRESS!

On Saturday I went out with my entourage (my Mom, Chris’s Mom, and Chris’s Sister who is my maid of honour).  We did quite the tour of the lower mainland, chasing different bridal gown designers.  Our first stop was the Bridal Gallery in New Westminster, I found a dress there that was beautiful, but the store is higher end, and we found them to be pretty snobby.  Next we were on our way out to Abbotsford to Champagne and Lace.  The experience there was so much better, the consultant was so knowledgeable and knew exactly what would look good on me.  We found a dress there that is pretty much exactly what I had in mind and it is absolutely stunning on me (if I do say so myself, though I think my entourage agreed as there were a few tears shed, and the woman trying dresses on next to me decided to try that dress on after seeing me in it, so I’d say that is a good indication it was a hit!)!  Though it was a little more expensive than I had in mind…  Next we were off to David’s Bridal in Langley, I had one dress in mind there that I found online fairly soon after I began looking after we’d picked the wedding date, and I keep coming back to it.  It is actually quite similar to the one we liked from Champagne & Lace (with a lower price tag, but probably a little lower in quality because of the price difference).  The experience at David’s Bridal was OK, but nothing like the service out at Champagne & Lace!  By the end I was getting pretty tired, I’m guessing I tried on at least 5 dresses at each bridal salon, probably more, and getting in and out of those dresses is not easy, especially on an already hot day!  Even though I’m not going for something too huge and bulky, since we’ll be in a hot location for the ceremony, they are still big and heavy!

The next step is looking into getting a similar dress made for me, my Mom knows a lady who makes wedding dresses, so we shall see what kind of a price it would be for her to make something similar for me.  Then make a decision whether to have it made or buy it from one of the bridal salons (and whether to pay more for quality and great service, or pay less and go easy on the budget).   Sorry no pictures with this post, as some things need to remain a surprise!

The Search for the Dress

Everything you read on searching for wedding dresses, says you should start looking for your dress 9 months out from the date, so with under 9 months to go (actually by the time I go shopping it will be 8 months to go), I’m ready to start the search.  While I probably won’t purchase a dress – my mom wants to have one made for me by a lady she knows, I do want to go try dresses on so I figure out what looks good and what doesn’t!  I have an idea of what I want in a wedding dress, but until you try something on, who knows how it will actually look on you!

So on Saturday, July 13, 2013 I will head out on an excursion with my mom, future mother-in-law, and maid of honour in search of the perfect dress for me!  I’ve already got the trip planned out and appointments booked at 3 bridal shops.  I’ve spent hours and hours looking online at dresses, so 2 of the bridal shops were decided based on wanting to try on specific designers that I like, and their dresses only being carried at certain stores.  I can’t wait to get out there looking, it should be fun, although a little stressful, as I’m sure I will have a hard time making a decision, as they are all so beautiful!  The picture below is a dress I love by Maggie Sottero, sadly it seems to have been discontinued as I can no longer find it on her website, so I feel pretty safe posting it, as I probably won’t be able to find it (although I guess if I’m having it made that really doesn’t matter)!  But that is essentially the style I hope to wear.


Another important consideration in my dress is that it must look good with my Grandma Angermeyer’s pearl necklace, as that will around my neck.  It was given to my Grandma by my Grandpa on their wedding day in 1941, and it was passed on to me by my Grandpa.  So it holds special meaning and not wearing it is not an option!  I’m also borrowing a little pearl charm from my Grandma Greenfield so will incorporate that in somehow, maybe as a pin on my bouquet?

In other news, we have our flights and condo booked for the trip!  We will be in Maui from March 8-25, 2014.  About 2 1/2 weeks away, a nice amount of time in my opinion.  That way we have almost a week before the wedding to finalize details and prepare for the wedding, and then still have 10 days to relax and unwind after all the festivities!

Not too much else on the go with wedding planning right now.  Still waiting to hear back from the wedding planner on quotes for cakes, catering, and flowers.

March 2014 cannot come soon enough!  Not sure how I’m going to wait another 8 1/2 months, I’m ready to go now to enjoy sunsets such as this!  Let’s hope Maui pulls out a sunset like that on March 14, 2014 for my wedding pictures!

Maui Sunset

Making the Trip to Maui – Roam Mobility

For those of us who live in Canada, we’re all quite aware of the crazy costs of taking our phones across the border into the US of A. Some of us turn the phone off and try to forget it exists for the duration of our trip, while others (like my family) pick up a “pay-as-you-go” phone with an American provider to remain somewhat connected.

Seeing as saving you money increases the odds of you making the trip over to Maui for our wedding, I wanted to introduce you to another option available to us now – Roam Mobility!

Plans with Roam start at $2.95/day and provide you not only an American number, but unlimited talk and text within the US and back to Canada AND voicemail and caller ID. And if you’re the type to use a data connection (like me!), just $1 more gets you 100MB of data.

So how does it work?

Have An Unlocked Phone?

SIM Card

SIM Card – Roam Mobility

You’re in luck – you just need to pick-up a SIM card($19.95)! If you’re unsure if the phone you have is unlocked, you’ll need to make a quick phone call to your provider. You should also give Roam a call too to make sure your device is fully compatible with their network.

Need A Phone?

Breeze FB101

Breeze FB101 – Roam Mobility

You’re still in luck – Roam will sell you a Breeze Phone(SIM card included) for $49.95. Doing the quick math, that’s only $30 for an unlocked Dual-SIM, GSM Quad-Band phone with a 1.3 MP Camera.

Looking To Surf?

While WiFi is available in most hotels/condos (and at every Starbucks in town), maybe you want to live-stream our ceremony and reception or something. This is where the Liberty Hotspotwill help you out. The device is $129.95 and data only rates start at 6 cents per megabyte.

Picking up any of the above options is pretty simple – you can get free shipping direct from Roam by ordering from their website, or by going in to one of their many dealers.

So.. have any of you used Roam? Any thoughts you could share on the quality of service? Or are any of you going to give them a look? We’d love to hear from you so we can in turn share your comments with our guests!

Disclosure: Roam has kindly offered an early wedding gift to Marnie and I by covering each of our plans while we’re in Maui. This was regardless of whether or not this post went live. Just wanting to keep everything on the up and up.