Day One – Acclimation, Accommodation and Airlines

Our first full day here in Maui is in the bag and I still can’t believe we got as much done as we did. I also can’t believe how humid it is here right now.

We started off our day coordinating with my parents on who was meeting friends and family that were flying in – fortunately for us, my Dad stepped up to be chauffeur (three trips to the airport).

Once that was taken care of, Marnie and I went up to Makawao to meet our wedding planner, Lori Lawrence. While we’ve worked with Lori for over a year now, yesterday was the first time we had met her in person – what a lovely and bubbly woman she is! Definitely reinforced to us that we made the right choice.

Kukahiko Estate

Grounds at Kukahiko Estate – Our Venue

Spending some of the early afternoon with her, we sorted out some of the logistical details on Friday and shared some ideas with her. We also took a trip out to Kukahiko Estate to get a walk-through of our venue.


As you can see from the picture above, we’re going to have some pretty awesome sight lines. With our wedding taking place later in the afternoon, the trades will have picked up slightly to provide a cooling breeze but also to give the ocean a little character. And if Marnie has her way, humpback whales and turtles will be frolicking just offshore.

Once this trip was done, we spent the evening with family at Stella Blues for happy hour and to see Lori’s husband Jamie perform. He’s got a great voice and for those who will be attending our wedding, you’ll get a chance to see him perform live. And I would also be remiss to mention that the fish and chips at Stella Blues is top-notch – while I didn’t eat any (seafood, yuck!), half of our party did and loved it!

I wrapped up the evening accompanying my Dad to the airport to pick up some family friends who were flying in on Allegiant Air. I can’t say I’ve heard many, if any, good things about this airline beyond price and after the experience our friends went through (including waiting over an hour for luggage after the plane landed), I’d be the first person to talk anyone else out of flying with them. Sure, the price can be right, but not everything is worth the lowest common denominator!