150 Days To Go!

Well, just received my monthly countdown email from the knot.com reminding me that our wedding is only 5 months away, and that we’re overdue on many items in my to-do list!  Do they really think I don’t know my wedding is only 5 months away!  And I don’t feel we’re that behind on the to-do list, though I must admit seeing that email this morning did send me into a bit of a panic momentarily.  I think that stems from how quickly the summer months flew by, and we’re now already mid October, so I’m realizing that March will be here in no time!  But seeing as it is a destination wedding, many of the items they have on the standard to-do lists don’t seem to apply to us anyways, plus that’s what our wedding planner is there for!

While we haven’t really done much of anything since my last post, almost 3 months ago, most of the major decisions had already been made.  The most significant development since then are that the dress has been settled (I’m having it made, and the dressmaker should start making it in the very near future).  The florist has also been picked and the floral designs have basically been decided on, though I think I need to stop searching online for new options, as I continually find new ideas, and the more things I find that I like, the harder it is for me to make a decision!  I had to get over my disappointment that the pink and white plumeria flowers I had so wanted to use, are not in season in March, so therefor are not an option.  And I’ve decided that I’d like to see most of the wedding party, and families wear leis since we’ll be in Hawaii.  However, I cannot get Chris to give me a serious answer about what style of lei he would like for himself.  See the post Lei’d on a Plane, to see what I mean, apparently Lei’d jokes never get old for Chris!  And after several months of saying “we really should think about getting invitations”, we’re finally really getting serious about getting it done.

My temporary panic today did lead me to send a friendly reminder out to the wedding planner asking to see the quotes from our shortlisted catering options which she’s been promising for months…  Though it’s partly my fault, she did get quotes which I’ve seen, but they were for plated service, I’d sent what I wanted, but failed to mention I wanted buffet style, so now I’m waiting on the revised quote for the different style of service.  I would really like to get the caterer decided on and the menu pretty well set, seeing as it is a significant portion of the overall budget.

Well I guess I’ll wrap this up…it’s already after midnight, so technically my title is now out of date!  I’m leaving it though, it was true when I started typing, and “150 days to go” sounds better than “149 days to go”…