The Wedding Playlist

While I’m still surprised that Marnie has given me full editorial control over our wedding playlist, I’m obviously not going to pass up the chance to get the place rocking with some wicked tunes on my good ol’ iPod. And while we will have the talented Jamie Lawrence perform for a portion, I still get a say.

Wedding DJ Setup

Courtesy of Ferenc Szutor

So what’s the issue? Well my problem, or quite possibly your problem, is my diverse musical tastes can be an issue. Simply put, I have some serious musical A.D.D. combined with a horrible penchant for the silly.

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Now as Marnie has our wedding planned out, I figured it was upon me to share some of the interesting tidbits that led us to the point of matrimony. And as such, the first topic we’ll discuss – our very first song. So before we continue, I ask you this – how many of you even remember where www.nevergetoveryou is even from? And no, that isn’t a typo.

One? Two? That’s okay. It’s actually the title of our “first song.”

Simon & Milo - Prozzäk

Simon & Milo – Prozzäk

You see, Marnie and I met online before meeting people online was cool. Back then we didn’t have Facebook, nor Twitter.

But we did have instant messaging.

In fact, with Marnie in Penticton the first year we began dating, ICQ was our main means of staying in touch. So when Prozzäk came out with www.nevergotoveryou, it seemed like the perfect choice.

Now will you see this song at our reception? Maybe, maybe not. About the only thing I’m sure of is that it won’t be the first song we dance to. But what I’m curious about is what your “first song?” Does it have meaning? Is there a story behind it? Or was did it just happen to be playing on the radio when you met your significant other?