Invitations, Planning and Other Such Stuff

Since it’s been well over a month since Marnie last blogged (and even longer for me), you’d probably think we’re well along with the planning of our upcoming wedding. I mean, it’s just over six months away right? Well… probably not as much as you think.

Wedding Invitations - courtesy of Lane Love Design

Wedding Invitations – courtesy of Lane Love Design

We’re currently debating the type of proper wedding invitations to send out and are at somewhat of a standstill. Do we get some professionally done? Do we do them ourselves? Do we pay someone to create a template like the one in the image above and then print them out ourselves? It’s rather difficult to figure this all out when Marnie and I have different thoughts on the matter. And then we take into consideration the benefit of doing it all online… is just a mailed “Save The Date” sufficient (that might just be me thinking that one)? Any of you fabulous readers have an answer to all of the above?

And then from a planning perspective, what else should we have sorted out. Thankfully our wedding planner Lori has us moving along, but I have to admit I haven’t a foggiest of what my responsibilities as groom happen to be. I mean, I know I have to show up at the wedding on time. And I probably won’t be able to wear just the Speedo I keep telling Marnie I’m wearing, but what else is there? Like is there still a need for a rehearsal dinner? Do people do rehearsal dinners for destination weddings?

Rings. I guess we have to talk about rings, right? I’m sure Marnie has some idea of what she wants, and I guess I have some thought on what I want as well – found one on Etsy just last night – but what’s the protocol here?

It’s all quite the struggle. So being the social guy I am, I figured every one of you could help us along the way. Who’s got the experience? Who can provide us some pointers?